Volunteer: Whitney


Living in Chicago.  Loving life.  

2007 - 2009

Contributions from Whitney

  1. Zambia Seka

    Laughing children were the highlight of my time in the village.

  2. Zambia African Skies

    The most beautiful rainbow of my life.  

  3. Zambia Delilah's New Friend

    Delilah my cat looking at my newborn goat Chaco.  They were fascinated by each other.  

  4. Zambia Reading Together

    This is one of my friends from the village and his young companion.  This young boy took such good care of his blind friend.  They would come over and read to me from his braille Bible.

Countdown to Weekly Contest Deadline!

“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.