Starley Talbott Thompson

Volunteer: Starley Talbott Thompson


Starley Talbott Thompson (aka Anderson) was a Peace Corps volunteer trainee in South Africa in 2001.  Due to a medical issue she was unable to continue her service in South Africa.  She has remained in close contact with her training group, SA VII, and continues to uphold the ideals of the Peace Corps.  She returned to her host village in 2002.  Starley is a published author of five books and many magazine and newspaper articles.  Her Peace Corps experiences are highlighted in her memoir, "Lasso the World," and in  "Volume One: Africa, 50 years of amazing Peace Corps stories: One Hand Does Not Catch a Buffalo."  Starley resides on a ranch in Wyoming where she is a free-lance writer.

2001 - 2002

Contributions from Starley Talbott Thompson

  1. South Africa Dancing With Joy

    Starley Talbott Thompson (aka Anderson) dances with an elder during a traditional wedding celebration in the village of Moruleng, Northwest Province, South Africa.  Onlookers cheered as Starley and her partner danced with joy.  Village weddings are events that take weeks to prepare for, and are attended by most of the residents of the village.

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