Robert Ballew

Volunteer: Robert Ballew


Retired 1997, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Texas.  Grad Univerisity of Houston. 

1964 - 1966

Contributions from Robert Ballew

  1. Bolivia Finally

    I was a young volunteer having just turned 20 a month into training. Training had been a whirlwind and more exciting than anything I had ever done.  The selection process had taken a toll on our group and we landed in Bolivia with just 22. After days in both the capitol city and provential capitol, assignments were made and we headed for our sites. We left Cochabamba with three couples in a jeep stationwagon and headed out into a sub-valley from the very beautiful provential capitol.  We left...

  1. Bolivia Animal Delivery

    Our group worked in conjunction with Heifer Project, now know as Heifer International. I was envolved in the receiving, quarentine, and distribution of donated animals from the U.S. This afforded me the opportunity to see many villages and individuals in two major parts of Bolivia. This photo shows me (in the western hat) and a group of men who have just received purebred sheep.  This was in early 1965 or late 1964 near Torolapa, Cochabamba. There was no local supply of pruebred breeding stoc...

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