Rex Ackerson

Volunteer: Rex Ackerson


I was a member of Tanzania 12 which taught agriculture in upper primary schools.  I also taught science and English while at Monduli Upper Primary School in Monduli, Tanzania.  

1966 - 1968

Contributions from Rex Ackerson

  1. Tanzania Machine Chickens

    I remember the incubator miracle like it was yesterday.  I was an upper primary school teacher in Monduli, Tanzania in 1966.  Among the projects that I was involved in was the development of a flock of chickens both for eggs and for meat.  The project started with 100 eggs from the area agricultural college and a kerosene incubator provided by Peace Corps. A small room was found for the incubator and the project got underway. As the project progressed, I became aware of not only interest...

  1. Tanzania Tanzanian Upper Primary School Band

    Picture of the 1967-68 championship band from Monduli Upper Primary School.  The Drum Major is Godwin Vartalala.

  2. Tanzania Student studies by lantern light.

    Photo of Monduli Upper Primary Student, Lakara Ole Saitoti studying by the light of a lantern.  1967

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