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2007 - 2009

Contributions from rachel papernick

  1. Honduras Niñas con Ticucos

    My little friends hold up the ticucos we just made, and which they will sell door to door that afternoon for 3 lempiras a piece. 

  2. Honduras Traditional Dances

    The dance group of el Centro Basíco line up to preform their traditional dance la tusa.

  3. Honduras Las Chicas de Barrio Lempira

    The hard working little girls of Bo. Lempira pose for a photo. 

  4. Honduras los chicos de barrio lempira

    The tough boys of Bo. Lempira pose for a picture.

  5. Honduras atol in the yard

    Doña Linda has prepared a large thermos of atol chuco, and has it ready to go, sitting on her wheel barrow. 

  6. Honduras pila window

    Here the family's pila becomes a window to the clothes on the line, the vegetable garden, the countryside.      

  7. Honduras Scarlet & toys

    Scarlet, a descendent of the Maya-Chortí, is busy crawling around her toys in the center of her family's main room. 

  8. Honduras el Fogón

    the fogón is the wood-burning stove used throughout Honduras. 

  9. Honduras la Venta

    Doña Catalina awaits costumers at her pulperia. 

  10. Honduras Pulperia Treats

    Doña Catalina often makes topoios (pronounced To-Po-E-Os) to sell at her pulperia. For one Lempira kids can buy these frozen fruit juice treats, rip open one corner of the plastic baggy with their teeth and suck away! 

  11. Honduras Pila Love

    The Pila--the water storage of rural Honduras. Here we wash our clothes, our bodies, and our food. Here we hang our tooth brushes and hats. This pila is located on the farm of Don Juanquis in la Cumbre San Lucas, Cabañas Copan, Honduras.    

  12. Honduras Doña Elvira

    Doña Elvira lives in Bo. Lempira, Cabañas, Copán, Honduras. She was my host mother's mother, and became my adoptive grandmother. She is a beautiful woman who taught me how to make breads, orange-leaf tea, and many other little lessons of the campo. 

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