Liz Poulsen

Volunteer: Liz Poulsen


RPCV - Niger July-Dec 2009, Community & Youth Education

Current PCV - Guatemala April '10-July '12, Youth Development

2010 - 2012

Contributions from Liz Poulsen

  1. Niger Next to the chief

    My view in the chief's entryroom on the first day of Eid al-Fitr (the celebration of the end of Ramadan)

  2. Niger Snack time!

    A typical snack in Niger - tastes like potato chips!

  3. Niger Sixth grade

    This is the size of a typical sixth grade classroom in Niger. Notice the boy:girl ratio.

  4. Niger Braids

    9-year-old Charifa shows off her Eid ul-Fitr hair.

  5. Niger Mother and child

    Abdul Samad discovers his mother's hijab.

  6. Niger At the Feet of the Chief

    Eid ul-Fitr (the celebration of the end of Ramadan) started a few days after I arrived in my site. I lived near the village chief, and while I was walking by his house one day during this celebration, he pulled me into his entryroom to sit next to him and observe these men serenading him.

  7. Guatemala Horse Races

    Residents of the town of Todos Santos Cuchumatan engage in a horse race every year. The only stipulation is that the contestants must be (very) drunk, per a tradition based on a legend that the first man brave enough to ride a horse in Guatemala was from this town and was drunk when he did it, thus disproving the Spaniards' warnings that if a Guatemalan tried to ride a horse, they would be met with instant death.

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