Paul Humes

Volunteer: Paul Humes


Peace Corps Volunteer serving as a Teacher Collaborator and Community Organizer.  From Indiana

2011 - 2013

Contributions from Paul Humes

  1. Thailand Surprise!

    “I didn’t know, o my gosh, I didn’t know!” This is all I could say as the Thai PETA enforcers kicked through my mosquito net last night and challenged my devotion to the cute and cuddlies all over the world. After an interrogation lasting well into the morning, with taped eyelids being shown picture after picture of kittens wearing hats and monkeys with mohawks, I was able to convince the band of hemp suit wearing brutes that I had nothing to do with the crime and indeed love all of earth’s ...

  2. Thailand Loosen the Grip

    [Paul has an epiphany of a child.  Lets see what it is....] The other day my host father grabbed a large handful of hay and brought it close to the house.  The next thing I knew he had lit it on fire and was moving it around with a stick.  Not having lived on a farm before, especially one in foreign country, this seemed a bit strange.  However, I did not have the capability to ask what in the world he was doing.  Watching on in wonder he then grabbed a can of bug spray.  It became clear that...

  1. Thailand Just because

    Who couldn't love this little guy living right down the street from them?

  2. Thailand Quick Learners

    These boys picked up a frisbee for the first time in their live and by day 2 were teaching others the finer points of Ultamite.  Long live the language of sports...

  3. Thailand Discovery

    This blurry images captures the essence of discovery.  On one side we have a 25 year old well traveled American and the other a 3 year old boy; both equally amazed.

  4. Thailand Team Building

    Making friendships that will last a lifetime before heading out into the great unknown that is Peace Corps service.

  5. Thailand Impromptu Classroom

    Here we teach young minds the finer points of "eyes, ears, nose, and mouth," while on a break during Thai language class

  6. Thailand Building Relationships

    These are the students that we taught during our training.  The best part of any classroom is getting to know the silly side of your students.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.