Volunteer: patrick


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2010 - 2012

Contributions from patrick

  1. Georgia Fishing

    Waiting for something to catch.  Hopefully it's a fish.

  1. Georgia Makin cha-cha

    cha-cha aka homemade vodka

  2. Georgia Home

    My town in the mountains

  3. Georgia Fishing

    Waiting for a catch!

  4. Georgia Move Please!

    Cows always are in the way.

  5. Georgia Winter Time

    Heavy snow in Georgia

  6. Georgia Up The Mountain I Go

    Heading to my village in the mountains.

  7. Georgia My Workspace

    Student presentations in the classroom.

  1. Georgia Dragging With Time

    Regardless of how many projects or activies you are involved with, time always seems to be abundant.  This is a short film about time dragging on and fighting the inevitable boredom. 

  2. Georgia Host Family Fun

    Playing the "maze game" with host family and friends. 

  3. Georgia Spring Collage

    Winter has finally passed in Georgia and people are out and about enjoying the beauty of Spring and the much awaited warm weather.

  4. Georgia Cold Fingers

    This film is a slightly scary and comedic take on the cold winter months in my mountain-town in Georgia.  Sometimes laughter is the best remedy when your snowed in your house with no school.  My host family and I did get a kick out of the video we made during the heavy snowfall and that's why to me it was a success. 

  5. Georgia Summer fun

    Enjoying summer with my new host family and friends along with fellow volunteers.

  6. Georgia PST Georgia 2010

    My time during Peace Corps training.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.