Katie Miller

Volunteer: Katie Miller


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2008 - 2010

Contributions from Katie Miller

  1. Guatemala Secret

    Hendrick, my host brother, shares a secret with me while I try to teach him a card game. 

  2. Guatemala Feria

    A small village in the Western Highlands celebrates it's annual fair by decorating the church and dancing in costume

  3. Guatemala Helper

    A young Maya boy helps deliver a used tire for a project growing potatoes in stacked tires. 

  4. Guatemala Afternoon Paseo

    An elderly Maya man walks the village paths in the afternoon sun. 

  5. Guatemala Proud Abuela

    A proud grandma poses with her youngest grandson on her back while another granddaughter peaks out shyly from the adobe house.

  6. Guatemala Mucha Mazorca

    Hired day workers harvest and sort corn ears from dried stocks in the Western Highlands of Guatemala

  7. Guatemala An Offering

    An "anciano", or ancient, Mayan man offers a passionfruit from his tree.

  8. Guatemala Vigilance

    Isabel swings incense over the graves of her family on Dia de Todos Santos

  9. Guatemala Culture Clash

    A Mayan grandma wrapped in traditional clothes supports her granddaughter wearing an American flag bandana

  10. Guatemala Sitting

    An ancient Mayan man sits outside his house. 

  11. Guatemala Break

    An old Mayan woman takes a break from weaving

  12. Georgia Mother and Daughter

    Mother and daughter back-strap weave for hours a day on their porch. 

  13. Guatemala Watching

    A Mayan couple watch dancing at a fair, dressed their best. 

  14. Guatemala The Harvest

    A field worker holds the harvest in his hands with a harvesting tool hanging around his wrist

  15. Guatemala Ring for the Dead

    A Mayan man rings the bell for each "muerto" in his family on Dia de Todos Santos

  16. Guatemala Timid Pride

    Ana poses by her weaving proudly. 

  17. Guatemala An Offering

    An old Mayan man offers a passion fruit picked from his tree

  18. Guatemala Preparing the Garden

    Ana gently works her tiny garden in preparation of planting. 

  19. Guatemala Juan's Radio

    Don Juan falls asleep listening to his radio in the front yard

  20. Guatemala Los Volcanes

    A view of the volcanoes that surround Lake Atitlan

  21. Guatemala Carrying Yefferson

    An old grandmother carries her grandson, Yefferson, on her back while another grandchild peeks from the house

  22. Guatemala Spinning Wool

    An "anciano", ancient, spins wool in an indigenous village

  23. Guatemala Easter Procession

    Women carry flowers in the Semana Santa Procession

  24. Guatemala Easter Fish

    Doña Ana prepares a traditional fish soup for Easter

  25. Guatemala Kata Planting

    Kata plants radish seed in her newly-tilled garden

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