Volunteer: Alex


I served in the Zinder Region as an Agriculture Extension agent from 2005- 2007. Of course it was an amazing, eye-opening experience.  The skills and lessons I learned during my service continue to be invaluable in my professional and personal life. 

2005 - 2007

Contributions from Alex

  1. Niger Not my sector

    After being installed in the tiny village of Ichirnawa at the start of my service, my days consisted of walking around, greeting people in Hausa, getting to know my neighbors, and adjusting to daily life. One place I liked to sit in the morning was at the 2-room health clinic, where the nurse spoke French and there was always a pot of tea brewing. One day within my two weeks in the village I was hanging around at the health clinic as usual with my friend the nurse. He disappeared inside, and ...

  1. Niger Color

    The ubiquitous colorful printed cloth that people wear throughout Africa.

  2. Niger Allah kawo ruwa

    Village men pray for rain. 

  3. Niger Gluttony

    Peace Corps Volunteers in town for some RandR compete in a mango eating contest. Our driver talked a good game but topped off at a meager 6 mangoes. The two ladies with backs to the camera tied for the win, each eating an astonishing 12 mangoes! 

  4. Niger Training

    In Niger, girls playing sports was unheard of, and they were normally never permitted to wear shorts. These girls are representing their middle school (in the background) in a regional soccer tournament organized by PCVs. Although there were many challenges, the girls learned a lot, loved playing, and helped advance the role of women in their culture. 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.