Kevin Wandolowski

Volunteer: Kevin Wandolowski


My name is Kevin Wandolowski and I am a Current PCV in Guatemala serving in Santa Lucia Utatlan, Solola.  My program is Youth Development and I currently work in five schools working with children on Life Skills, as well as, English.  I went to Depaul University in Chicago, IL before I joined the Peace Corps. 

2010 - 2012

Contributions from Kevin Wandolowski

  1. Guatemala Rain on a Tin Roof

                The rain used to be quite calming before the beginning of the rainy season.  It would be something that I enjoyed sleeping in, especially with the tin roofs here in Guatemala.  Yet, now the overly loud slapping of rain against the slim pieces of tin that make up the roof is far less romantic than before.  Storms were always part of what I loved about the world.  Back home storms came far more subtly, gently rolling through in the distance and giving fair warning to all who lived ...

  1. Guatemala Above The Crowd

    A child in the Aldea of Pahaj leans over the top of schools fence to see the parade for Carnival.  

  2. Guatemala Super Moon on Top of a Volcano

    I took this photo on top of Volcan Tajamulco, the tallest volcano in Central America (Guatemala).  We climbed it the night that the moon was at its closest point to the earth and it made for some great photos.  This is a photo of other PCV's enjoying the view.  

  3. Guatemala Hiking with a Local Family

    This is a picture taken fairly recently in the town of Santa Lucia Utatlan, Solola.  I went hiking with some of my students and their family up a mountain in my town to get a look at the Volcanoes (Volcan San Pedro and Volcan Atitlan) which both sit on Lago de Atitlan.  It was quite a site. 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.