Kyle Gifford

Volunteer: Kyle Gifford


Community and Business Development volunteer with a focus on IT. Member of Armenia/14 group in Noyemberyan, Tavush, Armenia.

2006 - 2008

Contributions from Kyle Gifford

  1. Armenia It's What's For Dinner

    I came home surprised one night to find my host mother had purchased two whole pigs - but first, we had to prepare the heads!

  2. Armenia Toasting an Engagement

    Making a vodka toast at my host cousin's engagement party. Engagements are a very public event in Armenia, and shared with the entirety of the bride and groom's families. Along with toasting to their future, the groom formally proposes to the bride at this party.

  3. Armenia Wedding Party

    Part of a wedding ritual for an Armenian couple. The groom's family welcomes the bride's arrival with dancing and gifts, and shows off the live chicken gifted from the bride's family.

  4. Armenia Host mother

    Posing with my host mother, Gohar, on the couch in her Armenian apartment.

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