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2009 - 2011

Contributions from Katie Browne

  1. Madagascar Rose-Tinted Glasses

    my As much as we all may joke about Peace Corps goggles (it is not a joke: it is an affliction!), many of us have switched those spectacles for another pair of late. Long ago, when it meant little to me, I heard through the usual twisted, time-distorted chain of Peace Corps wisdom about the rose-tinted glasses. These, the legend went, slip down over your eyes during your last weeks in your village; they distort your once reliable vision and suddenly you find all that once irritated you to no ...

  2. Madagascar Lives of Quiet Dignity

    Madagascar, one sometimes forgets, is a country of incredible crushing poverty, a result less of disease and not of war, but of decades of poor governance and missed economic opportunities. Of a population just over twenty million, 75% live below the poverty line. Half are under the age of eighteen and, with the average mother giving birth to 6.6 children (one of the highest birthrates in the world), the population is currently due to double every twenty years.  15% of Malagasy children don’t...

  1. Madagascar Children during Ramadan, Djangoa, Madagascar

    These two little boys, while not participating in the village wide fast for Ramadan, donned special skirts to commemorate the event.

  2. Madagascar Chameleon, Mangabe, Madagascar

    One of a nearly countless variety of chameleons found in Madagascar

  3. Madagascar Ambatoloaka, Madagascar

    Winter on the beach.

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