Jessica Rogala

Volunteer: Jessica Rogala


Graduate of American University, Recently Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Served in Nuevo Gualcho, Nueva Granada, Usulutan, El Salvador 2008-2010 as an Agro-Forestry/Environmental/Youth Development Volunteer.

2008 - 2010

Contributions from Jessica Rogala

  1. El Salvador Skill of Perspective

    All Peace Corps Volunteers come from lives of relative comfort. We had washing machines, refrigerators, and we didn't have to cross the room every night to turn off the light then curse ourselves for leaving something on the floor between the light and the bed, and then scream in pain when we trip on said something in the dark. We all gain a new appreciation lets say for those modern conveniences. I, for example, bow to the washing machine. When I see it, I kiss it, hug it, and say sweet noth...

  1. El Salvador TRASH... FUN? YES

    Youth Group Juvenil QuetzalCoatl of Nuevo Gualcho ready for the Earth Day clean up of empty toxic chemical bottles that were littered throughout their community and river.

  2. El Salvador Making Fertilizer

    My friends and fellow youth group members excited about making organic fertilizer for the first time!

  3. El Salvador Handmade Hammocks

    I had the pleasure of helping to make this hammock when I did a site visit to Morazon, El Salvador

  4. El Salvador Anniversary Celebrations

    The local youth group decided to celebrate the community's anniversary by bringing back an old tradition that they did in exile during the civil war. There statement is clear. "We are Here!!"

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