Jessica Flaten

Volunteer: Jessica Flaten


Before PC I did my undergrad degree in business at Babson College in Wellesley, MA.  After that I completed two years service with the Peace Corps in Senegal working with Small Enterprise Development and Eco-Tourism in the town of Sokone on the Sine-Saloum Delta.  After those two years, I transferred for a third-year to Bamako, Mali where I was assigned to work with the Ministry of Artisans and Tourism as well as at the PC office.  Now I'm planning to return to school to get my Master of Hospitality Management either in the US or in Europe.

2007 - 2009

Contributions from Jessica Flaten

  1. Senegal The quiet moments

    PCV Grant Rowland catching up with his host father at the end of the day in their compound courtyard. 

  2. Senegal Mangrove Replanting - With help from PC Washington!

    PCVs came from around the region to help with a Mangrove Replanting Day in Sokone, Senegal on August 18th, 2009.  We were fortunate to have the Acting Director of Congressional Relations from Peace Corps Washington, Suzie Carroll, join us!  Pictured: young Senegalese boy, PCV Rithvik Balakrishnan, and Suzie Carrol

  3. Senegal Teaching they community

    PCV Abigail Fay teaching the women in her village to make a nutrient and protein-rich porriage to feed their under-weight children and babies.

  4. Senegal Carrying water

    As Volunteers, we learn to live like our community members, including carrying water from the well on our heads!  Pictured: Jen Newton and Laurel Gladish, both Senegal '07-'09

  5. Senegal Constant company

    With over 45% of the Senegalese population under the age of 18, there are always children to play with or babies to hold.  They love the attention.  In this photo I'm playing with a little Senegalese girl in the village of a fellow PCV on the morning of a religious pilgrimage that I had come down to see. 

  6. Senegal All-Dressed up... for a wrestling tournament!

    The Wrestling Tournaments in Senegal are the highlight of the year for many Senegalese villages. Three of us had come down to visit our fellow PCV Laurel Gladish's village, Dassalam-e-Sereer for her villages tournament.  Picture: L-R: Laurel Gladish, Sara Hollerich, Jen Newton, Jessica Flaten, all Senegal 07-09

  7. Senegal Sharing Thanksgiving

    Five PCVs, one visiting cousin and two Norweigan students cooked our Thanksgiving Meal 2008 at a small hotel on the Langue de Barbarie in Senegal.  One of the Volunteers, Sara Hollerich, bought the turkey and kept it in outhouse.  Her host-father killed it for her, then she and another PCV prepared it... We also baked pumpkin pies, made stuffing and mashed potatos in the little outdoor kitchen with a sand floor of the hotel.  This photo was taken in the bar of the hotel. 

  8. Senegal The Flat Tire

    On a trip down to the islands in the Mangroves of Senegal's Sine-Saloum Delta, our car got a flat tire... the converted station wagon veared off the road when it blew, making us shriek.  Thankfully we all got to our destination safely!  There were 7 PCVs on the trip.

  9. Senegal 1st Eco-Tourism Expo

    With my fellow PCV, Laurel Gladish at the Eco-Tourism Expo that the PCVs working with Eco-Tourism put on to help promote the communities they were working with to tour agencies.  The event took place at Club Atlantique in Dakar, Senegal.  There were approximately 13 PCVs and their community counterparts that participated in the event

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