Jeffrey A. Smith

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1979 - 1981

Contributions from Jeffrey A. Smith

  1. Philippines Beergin Coke

    “Beergin Coke”   It was, I don’t remember how many, but not many days after I arrived in country, that my co-newbie & I were invited to go out for drink by a local.   Tom, (10 years my younger but partner in mischief) and I had been known to have a drink.   We were in training at a mold-loving hot springs spa in a college town about an hour south of Manila. We were to be housed, in pairs, for a week, with local families.   I also don’t remember the Baranguy Captain’s name, to my great re...

  2. Philippines Sorsogon Pizza

    Sorsogon Pizza   I served as a Peace Corps Agricultural Advisor, assigned to Baranguay Salbacion, Magallanes, Sorsogon, Philippines, from 1979 to 1981. A major part of my work was to build & manage a nursery for the propagation of coffee, cacao, and black pepper, as one of  several outposts of a USAID-funded project, the Sorsogon Crop Diversification Program.  SCDP had been designed and proposed to USAID by an earlier Peace Corps Volunteer, Paul Driscoll, who had also recruited a recen...

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