Jenifer Bubenik

Volunteer: Jenifer Bubenik


I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras and a published author of 'Thoughts From the Chicken Bus.' Keep up with me & buy my book on Amazon or the closest bookstore to your house.

2010 - 2012

Contributions from Jenifer Bubenik

  1. Honduras Buyer's Market

    In my rural pueblo of Orocuina, Honduras, I like to go for Sunday morning bike rides to neighboring aldeas and visit with the locals.  One Sunday morning found me riding along, when I came into contact with this small truck completely covered in anything your plastic heart could desire.  I was so flabergasted that I bust out laughing! As the day progressed, I continued back to my pueblo, crossing paths with the truck along the way.  We would wave and say 'Adios' to each other, as he brought l...

  1. Honduras Tu Bandera

    WWSP Kinder class in Orocuina, Honduras sings national anthem 'Tu Bandera' of Honduras to share with WWSP Kinder class in Garner, North Carolina.

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