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My group, Nigeria V, trained at UCLA during the Cuban Missle Crisis. We were probably more concerned with losing our "wisdom teeth" than imminent atomic obliteration.

I spent two years at the Provincial Secondary School in Sokoto, Northern Nigeria. When our group arrived, Tafawa Balewa was Prime Minister, the Sardauna of Sokoto was the political leader, and the Sultan of Sokoto was the spiritual leader of Moslems across the Sahel.

The next twenty-five years I spent as an arts administrator in LA, Seattle, Houston and Anchorage. When the fun went out of fund-raising, I went into real estate sales, and have continued selling residential real estate in Alaska since 1990.

1962 - 1965

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  1. Nigeria "Ahh, Kennedy. Il est mort."

    In 1964, my friend Marge and I left Sokoto in a Peace Corps jeep, headed for adventure. We crossed the border into Niger. No problems at the border...a small hut on the Nigerian side with a couple of youngsters in uniform waving us through. Similar kids a hundred yards later on, and similar treatment. We got some good French bread in the first little town we came to, and said unkind things about Nigerian bread, recipes for which were created by the British. We set off through the desert f...

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