Jason Koza

Volunteer: Jason Koza


I am currently serving in the department of Matagalpa in Nicaragua. I am an environment volunteer and I enjoy spending time with my 6 different schools. While I teach my students how to build gardens, composts, and tree nursuries, my real passion is sports. I have started a youth and teen soccer league as well as a baseball league in my town. I also worked with a barrio in my town to complete a SPA project and build 20 latrines.

2009 - 2011

Contributions from Jason Koza

  1. Nicaragua Campeones

    his weekend was the finals for my youth soccer league. It was a long time in the works and well worth it. Of course there were a couple setbacks, my directors could not come, one of the NGOs pulled out, the mayor’s office could not lend me the audio system, but who is complaining? I learned long ago that nothing in Nicaragua goes as planned and you just have to roll with the punches. Yes, I would have loved to have had a big audio system to announce the play by play action of the game and hav...

  2. Nicaragua Mid-Service or Home Stretch

    I don’t know what has been going on lately, but it is difficult to find satisfaction in my life. I am not saying that I am squandering my life nor am I depressed, but I find that the original charm has worn off. I am accustomed to working in the schools and what I once saw as a novelty is ordinary. I have forded rivers, ridden horses, walked through cattle drives, chased pigs, and dealt with countless other experiences that would have seen alien in my former life. I am not bored, but I also ...

  3. Nicaragua King of Latrines

    Greetings all, it has been a spell since I have written or have even thought about my blog. I am sorry that I have not kept you all updated about my life, but it seems to have slipped my mind. While there is no adequate excuse, you are just going to have to accept that I have been quite busy and that my life just hasn’t been that interesting. Well, I think at least one of those previous comments is true; I’ll let you be the judge. I don’t want to this be an overzealous approach to recollect ...

  4. Nicaragua La Liga

    Its back, la liga infantil/juvenil de futbol campo is up and running and stronger than ever. After much apprehension and anxiety I have gotten my act together and am working with La Liga 2.0. Like my SPA project it has not been a perfectly smooth ride, but I don’t care, it is soccer and it is fun. While it may not be my main project and is not exactly what Peace Corps wants me doing, it is my baby project and is what keeps me sane while in San Dionisio. I am surprised how much I missed all o...

  1. Nicaragua Teaching About Farming

    Looking on with awe as my teacher takes charge to present our garden talk.

  2. Nicaragua Baseball League

    Thank you US Embassy for your donation of gear and uniforms for 4 teams!

  3. Nicaragua Thanksgiving

    Who says you need to be in America to enjoy a Thanksgiving Turkey?

  4. Nicaragua Youth Team

    Here is my youth team that took forever to form. Together we toured all around Matagalpa and even though we weren't part of an official organization we all knew we were the best.

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