Bryan A. Lemos

Volunteer: Bryan A. Lemos


Currently a Business Advising volunteer serving in Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras.  I specialize in teaching the locals about marketing and advertising, as well as many third goal projects. 

2009 - 2011

Contributions from Bryan A. Lemos

  1. Honduras The Horse Wrangler

    Little Fernando wants to show he may be young, but still can wrangle a horse.  

  2. Honduras Turkey Bowl Honduras Style

    A few of us volunteers got together for Thanksgiving to play football(americano) at a local cow pasture.  The children from the town were out to watch.  Hondurans are often confused by football(americano), but maybe they understood a little more after this game.  

  3. Honduras Business Simulations

    Our Business group completed a business simulation with local students.  We taught them business skills, made products, and sold them all in a week.  All groups made a profit. 

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