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2010 - 2012

Contributions from Grace

  1. Guatemala La Rosa

    On the eve of our site assignments I sat in the kitchen with Rosa over a dinner of eggs, tomato, and tortilla. I was antsy and excited to know where the next two years of my life would be set. Rosa looked up and said, "Grace, I am much more nervous than you are." Then her eyes began to fill with tears and she began a lengthy and beautiful admission of her gratitude for all the volunteers she has received. She pointed out that she had never had the opportunity nor even the notion o...

  2. Guatemala Chucho de la Calle

    At 4pm on Monday I headed to the bus with my new puppy Chula which would take us back to the village from the pueblo. The bus didn't actually leave until nearly 5 and during this waiting period the puppy was particularly antsy and I took her off the bus a number of times to try to get her to pee, -but to no avail. The bus was parked on a rather unsafe corner and she kept trying to run off under the bus which made me nervous. Let me just be clear in saying that this dog had 2 rather long wind...

  3. Guatemala Who Will Stop The Rain?

    I was just about to settle onto my bed to watch a movie on my lap top. It was a chilly and rainy night and it seemed like curling up to watch a movie was just the thing to do. As I began get cozy, I happened to look up and notice wet spots on the wall behind my bed. The water was collecting on the wall like beads of sweat and then dripping to the floor. I called Yolanda and Rodolfo's attention to it and they said it was nothing to worry about and suggested I just pull the bed away from the w...

  4. Guatemala This Little Piggy...

    For Christmas my family decided to slaughter their pig. They got the pig as a tiny piglet just as I moved in so I have watched it grow and fatten over the past few months. A pig for Christmas is very special for them... Last night they told me they would be inviting the entire family over early in the morning to begin cooking and preparing to make tamales. While I couldn't help but feel for the doomed porker, I remained as culturally objective as possible on the matter and crawled into bed....

  1. Guatemala Elian's Marbles

    Elian places his marble...

  2. Guatemala Marbles

    Boys playing marbles.

  3. Guatemala Subanik Face

    Subanik is a traditional dish of the region. It is a tomato-based stew made with chicken, beef, and sometimes pork. Here, Juan José sports this culinary tradition on his face.

  4. Guatemala Lesly Grooming Juan José

    Little Lesly combs the baby's hair...

  5. Guatemala Happy Baby

    Juan José swings happily from his mother's back after a delicious lunch with family and friends.

  6. Guatemala Corny

    One day I returned home to find this... Apparently it was time for the corn harvest.

  7. Guatemala Mural Painting

    Painting with the kids of Chi Don Juan. A mural of a Mayan woman.

  8. Guatemala Life in Livingston

    Some local kids hanging out on the corner.

  9. Guatemala Traje Típica

    Women in the village dressed in the tipical corte and guipil of the region.

  10. Guatemala La Pedida

    Family of a young man bringing food to the home of a young woman to ask her parents for permission to wed.

  11. Guatemala Mangroves

    Sunrise over the mangroves

  12. Guatemala Fishing the Mangroves

    Early morning fishing on the river.

  13. Guatemala Reina II

    Girl in her beautiful Mayan traje at the election of "la reina independencia" in Chi Don Juan.

  14. Guatemala Reina I

    Girl performing for the election of "la reina independencia" in Chi Don Juan.

  15. Guatemala Roses for the Judges

    I was lucky enough to be chosen as a judge for the "Reina de Independencia" pageant in a nearby village. As judges, we were treated to lunch and beautiful flowers.

  16. Guatemala Reinita II

    Little girl performing for "la reina independencia" election in Chi Don Juan.

  17. Guatemala Reinita I

    Little girl performing in her traje típica is soon to be elected "la reina independencia" en Chi Don Juan.

  18. Guatemala La Reina III

    Little girl performing in the rain for "La reina independencia" Chi Don Juan.

  19. Guatemala La Reina II

    Little girl performing in traje típica in the election of "La reina de independencia" Chi Don Juan.

  20. Guatemala La Reina I

    A little girl performing for the election of "La Reina Independencia" Chi Don Juan.

  21. Guatemala Niñas

    Girls of Caserio Chi Don Juan at a school event.

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