Cathy Buddenhagen Wilcox

Volunteer: Cathy Buddenhagen Wilcox


I was a physics and chemistry teacher at Lycee de Tabligbo.  After my two years of service, I worked as a logistician for Peace Corps training groups for several years.  I loved living in Togo and did not want to leave!

1983 - 1985

Contributions from Cathy Buddenhagen Wilcox

  1. Togo Don and his wives

    Conan (in the back), Don, Ann, Linda and I went through training together. We were all teachers in different villages.  Linda and I were in the same village.  Don had a great house near the coast and was a wonderful host, so we visited him a lot.  As a result, we were considered to be his wives. 

  2. Togo Good friends

    One of my dissappointments in Togo was that I didn't get to live in a mud hut.  There was a cement factory in Tabligbo that had been built by the Swiss (I think). They had also built several housing developments for the workers.  The housing was not filled, so we were lodged there.  I had a very nice three bedroom villa with running water and a kitchen, but not much furniture.  These are volunteers plus our friend Sim (Ghanaian). 

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