Chris Adkins

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2009 - 2011

Contributions from Chris Adkins

  1. Guyana Peace Corps Induction

    After swearing in someone got the bright idea to steal the PC flag that was used and then the ideas started rolling from there with what to do with it.     Please note that I have receieved permission to use this photo from each subject and that they are NOT nude as the picture might suggest.  Names will not be added.

  2. Guyana Waiting

    A local man is waiting for his chance to participate in an Ite' Tree climbing contest.  The green leaves of the Ite' are woven to make a 'brake' while coming back down.

  3. Guyana School Graduation

    This is one of Aishalton's primary school students during his graduation.  The gowns are made by the child's family.

  4. Guyana Handprint

    Using the juice from a local seed called Annato, Amerinidans are able to create a type of body paint used in special celebrations highlighting their culture.   Here a hand provides a perfect way of decorating.

  5. Guyana Mash Cake

    Different villages from the surrounding area came in to participate in the Mashrimani celebrations including this young girl who dressed up in a birthday cake. Happy birthday Guyana!

  6. Guyana Celebration

    My counterpart at the hospital that I work at was selected to dress up as a mosquito during the Mashrmani celebration in Guyana.   As you can see the sheer joy and excitement surrounding this event is pretty high.

  7. Guyana Mr. Barjoan

    Mr. Barjoan is a next door neighbor who daughter is my counterpart.  We were taking time out from village work under a tree when I snapped this shot of him.

  8. Guyana Fence Post Transporting

    At a self help to build parts of a fence, I was surprised to find an old man, well over 70 years old helping out with the work.   Since they had no bulls to pull the cart, the men decided that the best thing to do would be to push the cart themselves.

  9. Guyana Road Washed Out

    There is only one main road to get to my site.  The government has tried to help by building roads along much of this main road, but due to heavy rains was washed out. This particular break in the road ended up stranding me for three days while we waited for the heavy machinery to come and repair the culvert and bridge.

  10. Guyana Para Kari Drinking Contest

    Para Kari is a fermented drink made from Cassava.  The process usually takes about half a day to make and the steps are long and have to be exact as some people use the 'bitter' Cassava which has doses of cyanide in the raw tuber. Contests are held every year with both men and women from several villages to see who can drink a pitcher the fastest.  This years winner was from our village who has the call name 'Tubes'.  

  11. Guyana Smoke Ceremony

    Before the Deep South Games that are held every August, the audience gets to participate in a smoke ceremony.  

  12. Guyana Bucking Bronco

    Cattle wrangling is a huge part of the Rupununi Savannah.  To highlight some of the talents of the vaqueiro or cowboy, a Rodeo is held every Easter.   These events usually hold horse riding, bull riding, and also rope technique. This event also shows how popular US culture has carried over into my area.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.