Erin Cross

Volunteer: Erin Cross


Served as a Protected Area Management Volunteer from 2007-2009 in the village of Sakaramy in northern Madagascar.  Primary project revolved around Eco-tourism Development, while secondary and tertiary projects focused on intensive crop production and solar cooking.  Also assumed the role of Peace Corps Volunteer Leader for the regional house in Diego-Suarez, Madagascar.

2007 - 2009

Contributions from Erin Cross

  1. Madagascar Another, and another, and another...and one more for good measure.

    Similar to various other Peace Corps countries, transportation in Madagascar was always very long as you had a bit of patience, and flexibility...physical flexibility. I was waiting for a car in Sakaramy for about 45 minutes, and at 7am one finally showed up.  Now keep in mind this car was tiny; a Geo Metro would have seemed to have luxurious amounts of space compared to this car.   While in my home village of Sakaramy, we loaded two huge bushels of bananas on top of the ca...

  1. Madagascar School Garden Project

    The whole community got involved throughout this project!

  2. Madagascar All the pretty colors...

    Chameleon on my fence in Sakaramy, Madagascar

  3. Madagascar Translation: Good Choices Camp

    Volunteers from various sectors in the northern region of Madagascar came together to plan a camp focusing on life choices.  We each brought 4-6 youth from our villages.  Campers were provided with transportation, three nutritious meals a day, and educational activities regarding environmental issues, nutrition, safe sex, and why it is important to continue their education.

  4. Madagascar Saosihifatra Celebration

    The village celebrates after the succesful installation of three large windmill generators!

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