Chris Adkins

Volunteer: Chris Adkins


Currently finishing service in a remote Amerindian village in Guyana South America.  I served in the health sector as my primary assignment.   

2009 - 2011

Contributions from Chris Adkins

  1. Guyana Renelle

    A young girl participates in the local cultural group which highlights song and dance that has been a part of Amerindian culture and is being passed down from generation to generation.   Don't let her cute demeanor let your guard down!  Renelle is a very spirited child and I have come to really enjoy her pokes and prods as well as all of her questions about myself, my wife, and what we are doing there. 

  2. Guyana Helping Hands

    Traditional handicraft is a huge part of our Amerindian village's culture and identity.  Hats, fans, necklaces, baskets, a backpack of sorts called a Warshi, and other items are made from the surrounding resources.  They use certain vines, grasses, and the leaves of the Ite' Palm to create the items and then use them till they degrade to the point that they can't use them anymore. In trying to preserve part of their culture, older members of the community hold small seminars and invite the yo...

  3. Guyana Hand Print

    Amerindians in the Rupununi of Guyana hold cultural events that highlight dance and music that is being passed down amongst 'culture groups'.  Here a young boy has been painted with a homemade paint made from the Anatto plant - it bears spiky pods that contains seeds coated in a red paint.  Amerindians use this paint to decorate themselves with designs and whatever else they can come up with!  

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.