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Dan A. Klingenberg

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  • Received Bachelor of Science degree (Agricultural Economics) from the University of Arizona in 1961 and Master's degree (Latin American Studies) from Stanford University in 1965. 


  • Raised on a diversified farming operation in Arizona -- cotton, cattle, grains and grass seed.


  • Worked for the Cooperative Extension Service in Arizona as a 4-H extension agent, before serving for two years with the U.S. Peace Corps in Venezuela - 1962-64.


  • Employed by the Chase Manhattan Bank for 20 years -- engaged in agricultural banking throughout the U.S. and abroad.


  • In the early '70s, left Chase for 1 1/2 years to run cattle feedlot operations in Montana and Arizona.


  • Joined Farm Credit Services of Southern California in June 1987; serving in various capacities related to credit, marketing, strategic planning, training and branch administration.


  • Has traveled in more than 85 countries.

 ·        Since retiring from Farm Credit in 2000, has been an agribusiness consultant, a member of the Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation Board and a counselor for SCORE, the resource arm of the Small Business Administration (SBA). 

1962 - 1964

Contributions from Dan A. Klingenberg

  1. Venezuela My Peace Corps Reflections

    You might say I was one of the first Peace Corps volunteers, even though I just missed being counted among the first 1000.  I served in Venezuela as part of an agricultural extension project, during the period 1962-64.  As a Volunteer Leader, I supervised 19 Volunteers at 13 sites throughout six states.  The project’s main purpose was to develop 4-H Clubs (called 5-V in Venezuela), and provide the youth with techniques in agriculture and home economics. Prior to our departure from Washin...

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