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Since our Peace Corps years, my wife, Susan, and I have also lived and worked in Somalia and the Philippines with NGO development and refugee programs.

I've also held a number of jobs stateside focusing on research and direct services to assist people with difficulties related to mental illness, addictions, and homelessness.

Currently, Susan and I are public school teachers in California, and continue to travel far and near any chance we get.

1979 - 1981

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  1. Solomon Islands Kai kai nao, ia!

    My wife, Susan, and I served as Community Development Workers on the Weathercoast of Guadalcanal Island. One of our major projects involved assisting local villagers to plan and construct a primary school complex. The community held a large, traditional pig feast to mark the opening of the school.  Susan and I donated a pig for the event, and the local chief insisted that I don a bark loincloth and prepare the pig for baking in a stone oven. An offer I could not refuse!

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