Connie Genger

Volunteer: Connie Genger


Worked in the property and casualty insurance business many years, and held a variety of other jobs throughout the years.  Got my bachelor's degree in 2000 at age of 57, then worked as Director of Training and Development for large agency with 14 locations and over 200 employees until joining the PC in 2006.  Always active in volunteer organizations.

Currently have my own business and jobs include PT Exec for a non-profit and doing soft skills training.  Am trying to learn Spanish so I can qualify for a PC Response assignment next year during our cold Montana winter!

2006 - 2008

Contributions from Connie Genger

  1. Morocco Camp is Camp the World Around

    One of the best experiences I had during my Small Business Development service was shortly after I was assigned to a site near Marrakech.  The Wonderful Unexpected. A friend in Youth Development co-chaired the spring break English immersion camp near the Algerian border, and asked if I would help.  I got permission from my manager and traveled for two long days and night to get there.  We taught English every morning and had "club" in the afternoons.  Since my Darija (Moroccan Arabi...

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