Brian Nelson

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2010 - 2012

Contributions from Brian Nelson

  1. Ecuador What!? Foooosball

    Peace Corps Volunteers love to run into classic games like these when they're perusing the annual festivals.

  2. Ecuador Early Morning, Before the Hike

    Nothing says "Thanks for helping!" better than "Help yourself!"  MMM

  3. Ecuador Bad Fruit

    Actually, the Guayaba is delicious!  And there is nothing wrong with these particular fruits.  I do not understand why the breathing subjects in the photo are running away from them.

  4. Ecuador Jungle Calories

    Most of what we eat in the jungle grows right outside. Take this breakfast, for instance: a delectable tea of Guayusa (a tree. support Guayusa growers from Ecuador by shopping for RUNA tea at Whole Foods..), a smashed plantain and a tree bean that only produces edibles one month of each year.

  5. Ecuador In the Shadows

    Throughout time, many of the most creative and intellectual minds have done their best in the shadows.  Some never garner recognition for their talents.  This handicraft workshop is hardly known outside of its own community, but the artists there make the most exquisite works!

  6. Ecuador Coffee

    is fruit.  Picked from the tree, the coffee fruit is a welcome change from the everyday lollipop.

  7. Ecuador Bag it!

    Coffee fruit, freshly picked and ready to be processed.

  8. Ecuador Still.

    The water in the high-altitude 'Paramo' ecosystem is so still it acts like a mirror beneath a dazzling tree.

  9. Ecuador Workhorses in Green

    The workhorses here delightfully swim in a sea of good-for-them leafy greens.

  10. Ecuador A hand, please.

    Locals at a prospective tourism site are eager to point out the unique flora and fauna there.

  11. Ecuador Break Time.

    During a "Sustainable Tourism Workshop" (nine hours away from her neck of the woods) we got the chance to tour a site and swim in the river where a community has had many successes developing their tourism product.

  12. Ecuador Developing.

    Handicraft producer in a small indigenous (Kichwa) community called Chaguamango anticipates the sale of her art to the first group tourists to visit the community.  We continue to develop and refine our tourism product to cater to international travelers who want to help conserve the Amazon.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.