Maria De la Cruz

Volunteer: Maria De la Cruz


I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX, and I fell in love with the Peace Corps when I was about 5 years old by watching the old time commercials.

The last person to know about my acceptance into Peace Corps was my mother; I knew she was going to try and talk me out of it.

In May 2010, I graduated from graduate school thanks to the Peace Corps Fellows program. Although I'm still searching for a job in my field, I continue my work in the non-profit industry. 

2003 - 2007

Contributions from Maria De la Cruz

  1. El Salvador The Culture of Hospitality

    At home, the homeless are almost always strangers to be avoided, but in El Salvador, as is probably true of other developing countries, the homeless are friends and neighbors to be cared for. Whenever I walked the dirt paths of my community, I would often come across a frail elderly woman with a toddler. I was amazed that the toddler was made to walk so much, and that the woman spent little time at home. I assumed the lady liked to chotiar, visit her friends. One day, after expressi...

  1. El Salvador Los Robles (The Oaks)

    The Robles family's love radiated through their smiles and interactions. On holidays, we sometimes explored places off the beaten path. During a hike in La Montañona, it struck me that the family was as solid as a tree. In this portrait, I joined the Robles family with their cousin, the Oak. Valentin was a great organic farmer and counterpart. We collaborated on projects and complemented each others' work. I thank Mother Earth and the Peace Corps for uniting me with this family; they are lik...

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