Anita Root

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2010 - 2012

Contributions from Anita Root

  1. Thailand World AIDS Day - Getting to Zero

    Two PC volunteers, about 10 adults and 130 children -- participated in a bike ride for World AIDS Day on December 2, 2011.  The bike ride was the final event from a AIDS/HIV Life Skills Camp held earlier in 2011 in the province of Nakhon Phanom Thailand. Participants showed their support to those living with HIV or AIDS by wearing a red bracelet and also by displaying one of several signs on their body or their bicycle. Signs shared 5-year goals from the UNAIDS program. Signs were available i...

  2. Thailand Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Touted in Songkran Parade

    Songkran is the Thai New Year and is celebrated from April 13-15 each year. Traditionally, it was to visit and pay respect to elders, including family members, friends, neighbors and monks. Now, it has a new twist all tied to water and lots of it! During parades and or just trips down a road -- you are doused with water from containers, water guns or water hoses. You can give it as good as you receive. Groups also roam in the backs of trucks tossing water at other trucks or even people on the...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.