Allen Sin

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2011 - 2013

Contributions from Allen Sin

  1. Costa Rica waiting for the afternoon feed

    a pig looks beggingly at the camera, waiting for food.

  2. Costa Rica en el gimnasio

    kids kick around soccer balls while waiting for their "profe" to begin practice.

  3. Costa Rica a man and his machetes

    a man poses with his machetes at his side.

  4. Costa Rica a father and son

    a father and son pose for a picture.

  5. Costa Rica they were boys before men II

    students at la escuela volcan reenact the fabled events surrounding their national hero, juan santa maria.

  6. Costa Rica they were boys before men

    a student in la escuela volcan looks back at the camera as his fellow classmates reenact the events surrounding the holiday of their national hero, juan santamaria.

  7. Costa Rica monkey bar mayhem

    kids hang upside from monkey bars in a playground.

  8. Costa Rica the bravado of youth

    a young man does a back flip into river Volcan off of a makeshift diving board as his friends look on.

  9. Costa Rica woman makes rosquilas

    a woman makes rosquilas in region of guanacaste, which is known for its corn-based baked good.

  10. Costa Rica cleaning chancho

    don carlos prepares the pig for butchering by removing the hair.

  11. Costa Rica chancho's feet

    in the process of butchering the pig.

  12. Costa Rica bloody hand

    my host sister's hand covered in pigs blood.

  13. Costa Rica don carlos the butcher

    my host dad butchers a pig.

  14. Costa Rica remains of chancho

    my host family have a farm behind their home which serves as a lecheria and a carniceria as well.

  15. Costa Rica elote

    a batch of steamed corn ready for consumption.

  16. Costa Rica Cutting the Kernels

    Preparing the corn for grinding.

  17. Costa Rica Grinding the corn III

    grinding corn to make chorreada

  18. Costa Rica Grinding the corn II

    Grinding corn for chorreada.

  19. Costa Rica Grinding the corn

    During a reunion of the seniors group, one of the members grinds corn to make chorreada.

  1. Costa Rica The Guanacasteca Yell

    A young boy performs one of the many different yells to be heard in Guanacaste.

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