Adrienne Benson Scherger

Volunteer: Adrienne Benson Scherger


Adrienne Scherger has written many articles about the mobile life.  Some have appeared in The Washington Post, The American Foreign Service Association News, and in the internal Department of State publication FS Direct.  Her short story, “Phototropism” appeared in The Foreign Service Journal.  Her essay, "Renewable Resources" about serving as a second generation Peace Corps volunteer has appeared on the website, and was later anthologized in a book entitled A Life Inspired: Tales of Peace Corps Service (GPO, 2005)

Adrienne’s next project is a novel about moving beyond an adventurous youth, and finding one’s footing as a new parent and new spouse. Part of the book is based around journals she kept for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal.  The working title is “Red Mud”. 

Adrienne Scherger lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and three children.  

1992 - 1994

Contributions from Adrienne Benson Scherger

  1. Nepal Her American Sister

    I remember her smiling up at me one evening.  The light was fading in the sky, and the Dhorpatan hills out beyond the village were turning blue in the gathering dark.  The stars would be out soon, and maybe a moon.  She laughed as she swatted the ox with a short stick, urging him into the barn.  “He is my husband,” she joked, slapping the black haunches again, “Isn’t he handsome?” She was seventeen, a high-caste girl, from a good family.  I was barely twenty-two and fresh from a liberal ...

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