Theresa Okokon

Volunteer: Theresa Okokon


Theresa served as a PCV in Ecuador from 2007-09.  

She worked primarily with Assoc. AfroEcuatoriana Mujeres de Lucha, a small grassroots women's organization focused on reviving their community through collaborative efforts based in education, employment and food security.

Theresa focused her work on the adopt-a-child lunch program, organizational communication, and fundraising.


2007 - 2009

Contributions from Theresa Okokon

  1. Ecuador Earth Day

    To celebrate Earth Day with my kid's art class, we decorated little plastic cups filled with small plants.  Many of the kids kept their plants alive at home for several weeks!

  2. Ecuador Cuy Cuy Cuy

    Yes, I ate a guinea pig.

  3. Ecuador Ecuador Artesania

    The artisan market in Otovalo, Ecuador is a major attraction in Ecuador, and one of my favorite places to visit.

  4. Ecuador Kids in the Barrio

    These are some of the many wonderful and beautiful children that changed my life in Ecuador.

  5. Ecuador Mi Lindo Ecuador

    Parades happen in Ecuador almost every week, they are always celebrating one holiday or another! Here is a woman enjoying the festivities.  

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.