Sarah Little

Volunteer: Sarah Little


I am an Agriculture and Rural Business Development Volunteer in Floresti, Moldova. 

2010 - 2012

Contributions from Sarah Little

  1. Moldova Cotton Candy

    Katea's first bite of cotton candy.

  2. Moldova Bunny fun

    Spring is without a doubt my favorite time of the year in Moldova. Living with a host family I am able to see what it's like to grow your own food in the garden, make your own cheese from your goat, and how to raise farm animals. With Spring comes all of the babies! This picture is of a very fat bunny that my host dad thought was so funny looking that one day he brought him in the house and put him on my bed so a friend of mine and I could play with him. The bunny got comfortable!

  3. Moldova Dinner time!

    This is a picture of what a traditional Moldovan table looks like for a party. This particular photo is of the welcoming lunch for the PCV's in our training town.

  4. Moldova Cross-Country Skiing

    When you think of Moldova you do not think of skiing. Life here is always full of suprises! 

  5. Moldova From skim to whole

    Each night my host mother milks Meatsa the goat. We use the milk for drinking, cooking, and making cheese. Here you see my host mom teaching me to milk the goat for the very first time. 

  6. Moldova 1st Friend

    My first Moldovan friend when I moved to site was my 6 year old host nephew. He not only wanted to hangout with me playing UNO and throwing the frisbee but also proved to be an excellent tutor!

  1. Moldova Summer Camp

    One week in July I hosted a summer camp for the local kids in my town. We played games, learned a little English, did arts and crafts and had a good time!

  2. Moldova Our teacher

    My seven year old host nephew teaching my host mom and I how to say our R's.

  3. Moldova Making Cheese!

    Making homemade goat cheese with my host mother Galina.

  4. Moldova Learning Business Skills

    This video is of a entrepreneurship seminar I held in my town for youth. 

  5. Moldova Jewelry Club

    My Jewelry Club helping celebrate 365 days of Peace and Friendship.

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