Ryan Keith

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I am biologist by trade. With a BA in biology from Jacksonville University, I focused on large animals and environmental conservation. I began my tenure in the Peace Corps October 2010 where I am teaching biology, physics, and life skills in Sasura Girls' Secondary Shool in Kenya. I live in a small village in North Kenya called Dirib Gombo near the town of Marsabit.

2010 - 2012

Contributions from Ryan Keith

  1. Kenya Can a simple compliment lead to rashes and bleeding from the eyes?

    It is almost February and my school is getting ready for the form one students to report. I am anxious for them to come so I can begin teaching. I am currently only teaching one class and am afraid I am getting relaxed and used to my light schedule. I also think it is not the best practice to have students show up to school more than a month after opening day. I am actually not looking forward to the first few weeks of teaching the form one students. It will take them a few weeks to u...

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