Roger Burks

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Roger Burks is Senior Writer for Mercy Corps, a global relief and development agency. Over the course of a 17-year career — which includes stints with CARE USA and the U.S. Peace Corps — Burks has traveled to more than 28 countries to research vulnerable populations, conduct field interviews and write stories for a variety of audiences. He is committed to helping foster a new movement in journalism that focuses on human dignity and solutions to global challenges.

1994 - 1996

Contributions from Roger Burks

  1. Togo Becoming Abla

    A man does what he must to provide for his family. But in the small West African nation of Togo, it goes much deeper than that: each man is assigned a name based on the things he does, and is constantly judged by it. When I began my service as Peace Corps Volunteer in the village of Amegnran more than 15 years ago, I quickly learned that the predominant ethnic group in the area — the Ouatchi — classified every man by his character, work ethic and worth to his neighbors. According to the ...

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