Richard Anderson

Volunteer: Richard Anderson


Currently a librarian at the Washington International School, I served as an education volunteer from 2004-06 in Nanga-Eboko, Cameroon.  I taught basic computer applications and worked in the library at a small university.

2004 - 2006

Contributions from Richard Anderson

  1. Cameroon In the Dark

    A darkness known only to those who have set eyes on a midnight sky in Africa.  A single flame from an ordinary kerosene lamp spilled dancing, tribal-like silhouettes on the walls of my living room.  The crankshaft of the shortwave radio produced a machine-like hum, but did not interfere with the French play-by-play commentary.  Huddled around the cross-section of an oak tree turned coffee table we resembled primitive people eavesdropping on the modern world.  The smell of fresh popcorn was go...

  1. Cameroon Le pain H

    A typical breakfast in my village consisted of a mini-baguette filled with beans.  There were several names for this morning meal including, "Le pain H", et "Le Jazz avec le pain".

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