Nicole Budzius

Volunteer: Nicole Budzius


I started my service as a Teaching English as a Foreign Language Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica in October 2010, just nine months ago.  Although the tiny community I live in (less than 300 people) is just 49 kilometers away from the capital, it takes over two and a half hours to get there due to the poor condition of the unpaved roads through the moutainous central valley.


I work in three public educational institutions: Two elementary schools with around 50 students each, as well as one high school with around 200 students.  My work is a combination of co-teaching with high school English teachers and teaching my own classes in the elementary schools.  


Living and working in Costa Rica has been way more fulfilling than anything I could have ever imagined. It has been an adventure to say the least and a rollarcoaster of professional and personal highs and lows.  Who know's what the next year and a half of my remaining services will bring, but whatever ever it is, I'm excited for the experiences and challenges.



2010 - 2012

Contributions from Nicole Budzius

  1. Costa Rica The Six Month Mark

    Right after my three months of training in Costa Rica I had the overwhelming image in my head of a great white canvas.  Being provided with brushes, oils, paints, and a multitude of other resources, I was to design this canvas in the way in which I saw fit, in a way that would best serve the rural mountain community I was placed in, Sabanillas de Acosta.   Throughout the many years I spent in school and in my first job after college working for a law firm, I was told exactly what to do and h...

  1. Costa Rica Costa Rican Public School

    Second graders hard at work in the rural mountain community of Sabanillas de Acosta, San Jose, Costa Rica.

  2. Costa Rica My Host Mom and The Woodfire Stove

    This is a picture of my 80 year old host mom in her beloved apron working over the woodfired oven.  The food always has this distinct taste that I'll be sure to miss when I leave.

  3. Costa Rica A Creative Outlet

    When my high school Spanish teacher came to visit my site in Costa Rica with ten of his students, his students and my first and second graders had the opportunity to express themselves through this fun art project using contact paper, glue, salt, and food coloring. 

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