Nick Hobgood

Volunteer: Nick Hobgood


Fisheries volunteer in Manga town from 1987-1990

Regional Coordinator in Kikwit 1990-1991

Masters in Oceanography with research in Senegal

Worked for IRC in Goma, Zaire in 1994

Worked for DAI since 1997 in Congo, East Timor, Sudan, Haiti and now back in Congo.

1987 - 1991

Contributions from Nick Hobgood

  1. Democratic Republic of Congo Pizza Pizza

    Idudu, businessman/largest local bread producer and family had never had pizza.  So we made a deal, if he provided the dough, I would bring the tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni and we would bake pizza in his bread oven. 

  2. Democratic Republic of Congo Mukobo's harvest

    Fish farmer Mukobo and family at his first harvest.  The fish he raised was Tilapia nilotica. 

  3. Democratic Republic of Congo Three Musketeers - Congo style

    Forest leaves make for good hats to protect yourself from the hot tropical sun while waiting for the pond to drain to harvest your fish.

  4. Democratic Republic of Congo Fish farming - A family affair

    Filling the pond compost bin with the boys.

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