Michael Foster

Volunteer: Michael Foster


I served as a TEFL Volunteer in Betroka, Madagascar with the MAD 13 group from 2001 until our evacuation in 2002. Currently I am teaching French and working on my Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education at the University of Illinois. I hope to find a job related to language education or the Peace Corps after graduation. 

2001 - 2002

Contributions from Michael Foster

  1. Madagascar Will the Real Santa Claus Please Stand Up

    Typically when you think of Santa Claus, you think immediately of a jolly, older, plump man with rosy cheeks and a long white beard. Of course this image is universal, even for the students and teachers of the private École Française (French School) in my town of Betroka where I served as a TEFL Volunteer. And wouldn’t you know, a couple of the teachers at the École Française had the great idea to bring an authentic “vazaha” (white foreigner) Santa Claus to their students. Where could they po...

  1. Madagascar Santa Claus

    Getting ready to make my appearance as Santa Claus at the French School in my town. 

  2. Madagascar Making new friends

    Hanging out with the lemurs in southern Madagascar.

  3. Madagascar Thanksgiving Dinner

    Making "Thanksgiving dinner" Malagasy style at my house. 

  4. Madagascar My house

    Picture of my house in Betroka.

  5. Madagascar Malagasy man opening coconuts

    This guy was preparing an afternoon snack for us on Ile St. Marie.

  6. Madagascar Fishing boats in Diego

    These boats were on the beach during my spring break trip to Diego in April 2002.

  7. Madagascar Hanging out with my Boy Scout Troop

    I was a troop leader with this Boy Scout Troop in my town.

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