Mark Frazier

Volunteer: Mark Frazier


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1985 - 1987

Contributions from Mark Frazier

  1. Thailand Tree Planting

    This was at a school in Amphur Sega.  Eucaliptus trees were planted for fuel and to help manage mixing of the salt and fresh water aquafers by having the trees pump out water between them.

  2. Thailand Trust the Children

    In one of my favorite places I worked, Ging Amphur Bung Khong Long, some of the village boys were showing me how they fished.

  3. Thailand Talking Crops and Weather

    Just like home, famers spend a lot of time talking about the crops and weather.  This was a project to raise fish in the rice paddy.  A deep water area was excavated for the fish to stay in during the hot part of the day.  The fish would eat insects in the rice and fertilize it as well, and provide a profitable addition to small acreages.

  4. Thailand Me with my homestay family

    During training, we spent 2 weeks in a village in Nakorn Sawan, learning Thai during the day and lifeways in the evening.

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