Lauren Fox

Volunteer: Lauren Fox


Current PCVL in Mozambique, working on PC 50th anniversary!

2007 - 2011

Contributions from Lauren Fox

  1. Mozambique Corpo da Paz!

    At a 50th Anniversary event in June 2011.

  2. Mozambique Kickin' It

    Mozambican primary school girls perform a tradition dance during a 50th Anniversary celebration during PST

  3. Mozambique PST Community Clean Up!

    Moz 16 PCTs and their homestay families gave a helping hand on June 12th to clean up a part of the local hospital.

  4. Mozambique Obama Sighting

    Obama merchandise is a hot item in Mozambique!

  5. Mozambique Gone Fishing

    A lonely fisherman is out hoping for a big catch on the lagoon.

  6. Mozambique Market Dancing

    Some girls from my youth empowerment group performing in our local market.

  7. Mozambique Makarra Dance

    Some of my youth empowerment group participants dancing a traditional Mozambican dance in the community market.

  8. Mozambique Computer Class

    I am teaching Mozambican secondary school students the basics of computer and internet use. For many in the picture, it was the first time ever using a computer.

  1. Mozambique Colors and Flags

    Education PCV Drew Garland shares his country's colors, culture and creativity at a local primary school.

  2. Mozambique Viva Vida

    Learn about a Mozambican community organization determined to help their neighbors.

  3. Mozambique Legacy Story: Meet Nelson!

    Meet Nelson and learn about the influence Moz PCVs have had on his life.

  4. Mozambique Legacy Story: Meet Milton!

    Meet Milton! Mozambique's next big star!

  5. Mozambique Composting in Mabote

    PCV Julie Brickman teaches her Mozambican neighbor and colleague how to build a compost pile.

  6. Mozambique Dancing in Inharrime

    Mozambican HIV/AIDS activist shakin' her stuff at a community health education meeting Inharrime.

  7. Mozambique Legacy Story: Meet James!

    Meet James and learn how Moz PCVs have helped him improve his English and his business.

  8. Mozambique Kanimambo Obrigado

    Moz15 training group gives thanks in song to PC training staff, host families and the local community.

  9. Mozambique Football in Moz

    Mozambican girls showing off their american football skills they learned from PCVs the day before the Super Bowl.

Countdown to Weekly Contest Deadline!

“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.