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I am biologist by trade. With a BA in biology from Jacksonville University, I focused on large animals and environmental conservation. I began my tenure in the Peace Corps October 2010 where I am teaching biology, physics, and life skills in a girls' secondary school in Kenya. I live in a small village in North Kenya called Diribgombo near the town of Marsabit.


To read more of my stories from Africa, follow my blog at http://aworldnotourown.blogspot.com

2010 - 2012

Contributions from Ryan Keith

  1. Kenya They can smell my fear…

    Yes, I think they can smell fear, and no I am not talking about hyenas, or jackals; I am talking about camels. Those damn camels! I love them even though they are being big jerks. I am becoming scared of them. A few weeks ago, a camel was strangely offended by me. He had run towards me, kicking up his heels and tossing his head like a silly, upset horse. I had just stood there, not sure what he was trying to do. It wasn’t until later that I realized that he could have easily kicked me in the ...

  2. Kenya Ah, the Good Life

    This has been an amazing weekend. I had had a mildly stressful week. Everything just ganged up on me and tried to drag me down; the bicycle breaking repeatedly, the last time hopefully for good so I can have an excuse to get a new one, the desert getting even hotter than normal which is totally not fair, having guests and a new neighbor coming over to my house twice a day all week thereby destroying any semblance of privacy I used to pretend I had, and one of my fellow volunteers ET-in...

  3. Kenya Mama Said There'll Be Days Like This

    I am having a rough week. On my way to school Wednesday, my bicycle broke. I was riding downhill when I heard a loud SNAP and knew I was in trouble. I know what you are thinking, “Ryan, you already told us this story”. Unfortunately, and frustratingly, I am not repeating myself. My bicycle broke AGAIN. For the third time in two weeks. I spend most of my time pushing the damn thing to and from school. It is really starting to annoy me. I fixed the brakes last week, rode the thing for a ...

  4. Kenya Speaking of Things that are Sharp....

    I only have a few minutes to write before I have to go to school. It is a little after six, I have been lazy lately and not getting up at 5 like I should. I wake up at five and then hang around reading in bed hoping to wake myself up enough to stumble out of bed. It never works and I am trying to find new ways to convince my body that 7 hours is plenty of sleep. I have always been an eight hours of sleep type person and my body absolutely hates me for cutting back to 5 or 6 hrs. But tod...

  1. Kenya Love my students!

    Great pic of my students and me!

  2. Kenya Friends

    Some of the girls.

  3. Kenya Students and friends

    My new friends

  4. Kenya Students and friends

    My students whom I adore

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