Jamie Tanguay

Volunteer: Jamie Tanguay


Community Development Volunteer on Paama Island 2003-06, established VAUM Rural Training Centre in Tahi Village.  Paama is home.

Assistant Coordinator of the Year of Traditional Economy at the Vanuatu Kaljoral Senta in Port Vila 2007.

2003 - 2007

Contributions from Jamie Tanguay

  1. Vanuatu Arong

    My brother Bill Tui and his wife Dinah sit on the traditional marriage bed of 'arong', or woven mats, while being honored with baby powder, perfume, and flowers on their wedding day.  Paama marriage ceremonies are known throughout Vanuatu for their arong tradition, which is typically preceded by the men from the woman's family dancing and singing around the bride-to-be while the groom and his brothers attempt to steel her away from the human fortress - a fun and extremely difficult task as he...

  2. Vanuatu Cooking With Bamboo

    On the island of Paama, camping in the yam garden isn't unusual during the planting season.  I spent a few days in my adoptive family's yam garden in 2005 with some brothers and my Papa Edwin, seen here roasting bamboo stuffed with island cabbage and coconut milk for 'wasem maot' for the kava we chewed and drank as the sun went down.

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