Huelo Dunn

Volunteer: Huelo Dunn


Teaching English near the Black Sea in Bulgaria.

2010 - 2012

Contributions from Huelo Dunn

  1. Bulgaria The Commute Forward

    “Vasilena?” “She travels, Gospozha!” “Djunait?  He doesn’t travel, does he?” “No, he lives in town.  He should be here!” 10A and I enacted this little ritual every time I took roll call, every day for my first three months as an English teacher at Gimnazia Tzar Simeon. “Ivanka?” “She travels!” “Kristina?” “Travels!” “Lyudmila?” “Travels!” Ms. Dunn’s Professional English Class tends to fall near the first or the last class period of the day.  Ro...

  1. Bulgaria First Day of School

    Plamena and Julien, 10th graders at Tzar Simeon Vocational High School, commemorate the first school day of the year.

  2. Bulgaria Trifonov Den

    Two men celebrating St. Trifon's Day in Zhitnitza, Bulgaria.

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