Gerald Plotkin

Volunteer: Gerald Plotkin


From Chicago, studied at UW-Madison, French instructor in the States, taught English at the Ecole Normale Supérieure d'Abidjan during Peace Corps. Retired to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

1976 - 1978

Contributions from Gerald Plotkin

  1. Ivory Coast learning a language

    Terry and I took the same bus to school each day, he teaching at the university, I as an English instructor at the Teacher Training College of Abidjan. We both spoke French fluently, and had been placed in a dioula class during training, resulting in our enjoying chatting, both in French and dioula, in the bus with the regular early-morning passengers. As we got to know our fellow commuters a bit better, they took an interest in us and began to teach us some local slang. When someone asked if...

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