Gary Randolph

Volunteer: Gary Randolph


I served as an Environmental PCV at the Krkonose National Park and Biosphere Reserve and the Czech National Center for Environmental Education. I spent much of my time teaching environmental education programs (mostly in Czech) to educators and students from schools all over the Czech Republic. As a wildlife management graduate, having never taken an education course, and arriving in-country not knowing one word of Czech, this was a challenge that became the toughest job I ever loved! I extended a third year to develop the GLOBE Program ( in-country which eventually led to a career change from wildlife conservation to Earth system science educatronal product design.

I still have many friends in the Czech Republic and have returned several times. Many of my colleagues and friends ask me about my Peace Corps experience and I always answer that it was truely a life-changing experience that I will never forget.

1993 - 1996

Contributions from Gary Randolph

  1. Czech Republic Parade of Flags - 40th Anniversary of Peace Corps

    The Parade of Flags during Peace Corps 4oth Anniversary Celebration in Washington, DC.

  2. Czech Republic Meeting with the future of the Czech Republic

    Much of my time was spent teaching ecological concepts to teachers and students - often in Czech. Here I meet with future leaders and decision-makers of the Caech Republic.

  3. Czech Republic Meeting with Peace Corps Director Carol Bellamy

    I had the opportunity to meet with Peace Corps Director Carol Bellamy in 1995. Here I explain a food web activity that I developed. 

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