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  1. Thailand The Bathroom Chronicles

    In the bathroom this morning, doing business as usual, except, for some reason, today is different. I still have almost-diarrhea (AD), which, as the name implies, isn't quite diarrhea but still isn't quite kosher. I like to call it Harey Diarrhea (HD), because it's as if halfway through the race diarrhea just decided to stop and take a nap. I've had AD, or HD, take your pick, let's just start calling it ADHD, every day at site thus far. Not fun. Sometimes my progress is tormentingly slo...

  2. Thailand Nice to See You and Good Luck

    I swore in last Monday and took the Peace Corps oath, and am now an official volunteer! So that's pretty cool. I probably won't be able to top that in the course of this post. Some bullet points of interesting mishaps: I went to get a supposedly blind massage from a supposedly blind masseus, but he in fact had the gift of sight and was using it to the fullest. Meanwhile my friend's masseus was either a ladyboy (Thailand's notorious third gender, men who surgically become women) or a ve...

  3. Thailand A Guide to Knowing When You're in Trouble

    When the two of you start having things. A thing we had early on was sometimes during a conversation I would just stare at her and smile, partly because I enjoyed looking at her (she's a very look-atable gal), but mainly to annoy her, which worked magnificently. She would ask Mii arai? (What is it?) and I would play dumb and ask Mii arai? back and we'd have a little Mii arai? war until she'd get frustrated and snap Mai mii! (Nothing!) and I'd pretend to ponder over this and reach an und...

  4. Thailand About a Girl

    Prologue: A Good-Smelling Woman is Hard to Resist Girls complicate things. This is a well known cross-cultural phenomenon. Anthropologists all over the world have conducted field studies, and the one thing they agree on is, Women are crazy. This theory has been verified to such an extent as to become anthropological law, or, more precisely, a series of laws. The Laws of Women: The First Law of Women states that all women, without exception, are nuts. The Second Law of Women states ...

  5. Thailand A Taste of Thailand

    I probably bike a good hour and a half each day -- which is good, getting some exercise in with all the food I'm eating. I take a shower when I get home, maybe wash my clothes by hand (not the most enjoyable of pastimes, and not intrinsically rewarding in some kind of hokey, sweat-and-blood sort of way, in case anyone idealizes that whole Wordsworthian "common man" mystique), and then wait around for dinner and by the time that's done I'm pretty spent so I usually jot a coup...

  1. Thailand Children of the Hills

    Children belonging to a local hill tribe. They help their families earn a living by allowing people like me to take pictures of them.

  2. Thailand Children of the Hills

    Some children on the steps of a temple, dressed in traditional hill tribe clothing.

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