Craig Vickstrom

Volunteer: Craig Vickstrom


Born and raised in Burlington, Iowa. Joined Peace Corps Ghana from 93 to 95. Been back to Ghana 6 times now or so; still in touch with family. I'm in the NPCA database, a member of the Madison, Iowa, Minneapolis and Ghana groups. Currently working as a physician.

1993 - 1995

Contributions from Craig Vickstrom

  1. Ghana Mind Bloom

    I was teaching science in Asesewa, in the Eastern Region of Ghana, in west Africa. Asesewa was mostly isolated at that time. It had no electricity, running water, or telecommunications. I was teaching core science class. I was explaining the Copernican theory of solar systems. I explained how we lived on a planet that revolved around our sun, and that there were other suns with planets revolving around them. One of my girls, normally quite talkative, went quiet. I went on with the lesson. Se...

  1. Ghana Funning with bikes

    My host brother and I were just funning around, taking silly pictures.

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